Edit Your Profile

The first thing you see when you login into your account is an opportunity to edit your profile. We require you to enter accurate pieces of information such as

  1. Your full name
  2. Your bank account details
  3. Select your country
  4. More importantly your ethereum wallet address (we recommend metamask, never use an exchange ethereum wallet address, using an exchange wallet address would lead to an irrecoverable loss of your tokens, and hence your money.

Buy Tokens

As a user, you can purchase tokens to contribute to the Dorla organisation. If you used the restore account option, a coupon would be emailed to you, apply the tokens at the checkout point. You should use the buy tokens options if you are interested in contributing more funds to the organisation using bitcoin and other selected cryptocurrency’s.

Sell Tokens

The Dorla tokens (TDC) shall be in your separate third party wallet (meta mask) after purchasing. If you want to cash it out, kindly use the sell tokens option, where you would be required to send the tokens back to an address to be provided by us. You can sell all or part of your tokens back to us, and you can trade tokens amongst yourselves.


If you enjoy our services, consider joining as an affiliate as well, when a user uses your affiliate link to register, you get 3 per cent of the purchase.


From time to time, our founder would put up a state of the partnership report. This would show the exact state of the partnership, the challenges we are facing, losses, profits, and more importantly new industries we are venturing into.