Online investment is the method of entrusting your capital into the hands of a platform (often website, mobile app, etc.) in the hope of getting returns.

Online investment is gaining lots of attention in these times, unfortunately not everything online is genuine or legitimate, Our goal in this article is to provide you details that would give you a slight edge with your goal of investing money online.

We would not go into details of providing you with a list of genuine online investment platforms, however, our approach here isn’t to review platforms but rather provide you with a key set of information that would help you identify legitimate online investment platforms and avoid the fraudulent ones.

Online Investment
Online Investment

Difference between Online investment and traditional investment

  • Online investment does not involve physical interaction with a brick and mortar outfit, with a computer and internet connection, you could have access to an online investment platform and make profits wherever you are in the world.
  • Traditional investment firms are brick and mortar firms, often banks with huge overheard cost and physical limitations. If you want to invest in a traditional investment firm, you may need to have physical access to it and perhaps live within their jurisdiction before you can invest with them.
  • Most website’s who claim to provide online investment services are not regulated, in contrast, it is hard to find a traditional investment firm which is not regulated
  • Profits are higher with online investment, but it comes at a high cost of losing your capital.
  • A legitimate online investment platform would scale faster than traditional brick and mortar, and yet this leads to regulatory hustles that often slow that progress.

Characteristics of a good online Investment platform

  • Their returns are not fixed, but variable: While most people investing online from Jamaica, Nigeria, United Kingdom, the United States, etc. are looking for fixed rates, the reality is that no investment platform can sustain a fixed rate for ever.
  • The returns should be realistic, if someone is providing you with 100% returns in a week, a month or even a year, you should run away, far away from them.
  • Check out other’s review of their platform; Reviews are important, others may have experienced them before you, use their experience to adjust your own opinion and be candid about it.
  • Should be regulated, ideally.
  • Must have spent more years in the business; a website saying they have been in business for over 10 years, while the domain age is only a year should send you red flags.
  • They should tell you exactly what they are using to generate you profits, and they should indeed be an expert in that.

How to Make Money with Online Investment

  • Be vigilant and choose a legitimate online investment platform
  • Do not be caught up in high promises, often the higher the rates, the higher the risk of the online investment platform collapsing.
  • Slow and Steady wins the race; Choose platforms with good returns, not outrageous returns.
  • Focus on long term wealth generation, short term pumps adrenaline, but to be truly successful, long term online investments are often the best route.

Why Choose Dorla Online Investment Platform.

  • We have been in the business of online investments for over 4 years, with good returns for our clients all over the world.
  • We are actively trading and training others to do same, and the results speak for themselves.
  • We are credible
  • We have a track record of generating wealth for our clients.

What others think of Dorla

Wilson and John were two very good friends who went to college together, Last year, when their year group hosted the old student’s reunion, these old friends didn’t miss the opportunity to reconnect.

However, there were stuck differences, Wilson looked good and happy while John looked battered and worried.

The two had all gone into the world investing, but John had focused on higher rates and short term investing while Wilson focused on generating wealth through lower but assured rates.

Over the years, John had a couple of investments go burst, while Wilson gradually grew his capital, John had to restart over and over again, each time, looking for the higher rated investments and each time losing out on them.

10 years later, John is battered and tired, having lost both time and money, Wilson on the other hand, is making money consistently, his long term investments are paying off and thanks to compounding effects each year seem better than the previous.

What I’m I driving at? You could be John or Wilson, the idea of investing doesn’t really matter, it is the execution that does matter. In fact, with online investment, it might be better not to invest at all if your investment philosophy is that of greed and short term gains.

I can almost assure you that gaining 50% each year, and loosing it all on the third year and starting all over again, would end up worse for you than someone who made 15% each year and compounding it over decades.

In investing, both offline and online, remember the risks are real and tangible, you should be aware of these risks, and most importantly, you should avoid gambling with greed.

The difference between the person you are today, and the person you become tomorrow is in the simple things, if you are investing in a risky business as at now, I recommend you quit and start all over.

The truth is that, the little things compounded over time is what can make or unmake you. When you identify an online investment platform that offers huge returns, investing that day, would not hurt you, and maybe you may get lucky and get paid, but if you keep doing this, statistics shows you are going to get burned.

Don’t be that guy! Invest online wisely, chose Dorla