Our Investment Plans

Investment Philosophy

Rates Paid to Our Investors

Investment Plans are some of the first things an investor looks for before investing.

It tells the rate of return, and the performance of the Online Investment Organisation over a period of time.

Dorla Online Fund Management does not give fixed returns. This is because the market is fluid and profits are unpredictable.

Anyone who says otherwise is not being sincere. Our investment plans are tried and tested and provide the best returns over a long period.

What we do offer is total transparency to show you how much we truly have earned by virtue of our activities in the financial markets.

If you are looking for a legitimate online investment platform to grow your funds over a long period, Dorla Online Fund Management are your best bet.

Our activities in today’s highly liquid financial markets ensures that your returns are high above what any bank can give you in your native country.

This is due to our application of technology, to reduce in house cost, while focusing on game changing industries such as Forex, and other innovating industries.

Interest Rates

In 2017, we paid 25% to our partners, 2018 saw a year on year growth of 64% thus our payouts amounted to 41% of investors funds, 2019 saw a year on year decline in growth of 7%, reducing our payouts to 34% of invested capital, and then there was 2020.

The Covid situation meant that many of our offline projects were at a stand still. However, our online projects were able to offer a return of 45% to our partners.

All these results are independently verified by external auditors. Dorla is reviewed by Orasio and has been certified as one of the best online investment platform.

Why Choose Our Online Investment Plans

Safety of Funds
How Safe are your invested Capital 90%
Reliable Investment 98%
Trust Ratings
Public Trust 70%
Returns on Investment
Reasonable Rates 100%

Qualities of Dorla Investment Plans

Annual Audited Reports
Annual Audited Reports 100%
Annual Partners Meetings
Annual Partners Meetings 100%
Legitimate and Proven Business
Legitimate and Proven Business 100%
Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction 90%
Investor Support
Investor Support 95%
Consistent Profits
Consistent Profits 100%

Online Investment Rate Targets for 2021

Our indicators point to a possible investment rate of 50% for all our investors and partners across the globe. This is possible primarily due to our activities in the Forex Market. Regardless of global economic decline, we are to a certain degree confident that Forex would shove up our gains.

We expect a decline in the value of the stocks we hold. Despite the United States stocks market being at an all time high, we thoroughly believe the worse is yet to come and taking adequate steps to protect our positions  against any extreme fluctuations that would otherwise put our portfolio at risk.

Where do we invest your funds

Forex Trading
Stock Holdings