According to Oxford languages, mentorship can be defined as the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution. Forex mentorship is therefore defined as the guidance of an experience mentor in the business of forex trading to flatten your learning curve and get you to profitability as soon as possible.

Forex trading is that one business that humbles even the most arrogant of us. You make so much profits and the next hour you give it all up or worse even end up loosing a bit of your own capital if not all.

Forex Mentorship
Forex Mentorship

Then there are those moments, you analyse a trade, take the position, only for market to come and clear you from your exact stop loss before moving to your direction.

This market is hard without good forex mentorship. Indeed you can throw your life away if you do not get this market right. Why? because it is addictive. Likely gambling, like drugs. You name the worse addictions in the world and Forex can compare to them if not worse.

What makes Forex trading addiction even worse is the fact that the market validates you for a while. Even if you have a poor strategy, poor psychology and do not know what you are doing, the market would make you feel good for a while, making you win once a while or even give you some winning streaks.

This essentially massages your ego, you go out thinking how soon you could buy your next super car, or even your home. Your vision becomes clearer. You know what you want, the finest women, drinks, cars, boats, jets and what have you.

With this motivation, you go back to the market and find yourself on loosing streaks. Whatever position you take never seem to work, but if they work for a while, you end up taking that big loss that ends up wiping your account.

Forex Mentorship
Forex Mentorship

I can not begin to tell you the number of Forex traders spending time in jail or who have spent time in jail for getting it wrong. From the popular one’s like Nick Leeson to the forex guru in your city, who took people’s money to trade, promising them higher profits and ended up loosing it all.

Why a lack of forex mentorship can ruin you?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. While the obvious answers might be that you may.

  • Lack the discipline to go solo
  • Take inaccurate positions
  • Have a really poor trading strategy with no one to correct you
  • Become greedy and not have anyone to look up to.

Think about it for a moment. Just pause and think about this scenario. The Forex market trades in trillions of dollars in every single day. This is a legitimate business, people are making a kill for it. It is transforming the lives of many others in the world. Indeed George Soros made a billion dollars betting against the British pound.

If other’s can do it, then it is possible for you. Maybe you have given up, maybe you have lost your livelihood to Forex, or maybe you are completely new and want to have professional forex mentorship before you dive into the business. Whatever your goals are, we at Dorla would help you get there.

If doctors learn from senior doctors, architects from senior architects and engineers from senior engineers? what makes you think Forex traders do not need Forex Mentorship?

At Dorla, we would train you in the live markets. The same trades we take with the funds of our investors and netting them huge percentages over the years. With Dorla Forex Mentorship, it is not a matter of if we can help you, the question is, how badly do you need to master Forex Trading and begin to make money from home and live your dream life?

Join us today and be a part of our awesome students who are on the way to financial freedom.

Note: Due to the pressing requirements of managing funds or our partners, we have had to stop the Forex mentorship program. Our experience in trading the markets profitable comes from our own self-learning and lots of guidance from our mentors.

That is right! Even we have mentors, they indeed provide the best Forex trading course, and the best Forex mentorship in the industry, while we could not train you, it is probably best you get your mentorship from our mentor.