What is Dorla Online Investments

Dorla Online fund management is a legitimate and transparent online investment system designed to help you earn money from the comfort of your home.

Which group of people can invest with you

Accredited investors, with an internet connection, can benefit from our activities.

How secured are investors fund

Investors funds placed in Dorla Online fund management are actively being traded on third party brokers.

Which Payment Methods Does Dorla Online Fund Management Use

We use cryptocurrency’s. This gives you the extra added advantage of lower fees when transacting with us.

Does Dorla Online Fund Management Charge Fees?

Dorla does not charge fees on investors.

What Profits Should I expect from Dorla Online Fund Management

We make no promises, our goal is to at the very least double your money for you each year, but this can be very dangerous, thus we employ the safest means possible to achieve our goals.

What is the Dorla Token?

The Dorla Token is a cryptocurrency based on the ERC20 standard, It is the representative token of the Dorla Organisation and its investors across the world for ease of transactions.

Does holding the Dorla Token equates to equity in the organisation?

No, the Dorla token is a utility token, and not an equity token, holding the token reflects your contributions to us, which you can redeem at your own discretion.

How is the value of the token determined

We do not determine the value of the dorla token, Dorla tokens can be traded freely among users, and also bought back by us, the value of the dorla token depends on how much you are willing to sell it for.

How much profits can I expect when I buy dorla tokens

Our previous results are seen via investment plans. Last year we provided 45% in profits.

Are you into or planning to go into other industries besides forex?

Yes, there are plans to scale into lower risk businesses, details of which would be made available to you via the partner portal.

Why was my account rejected

We reject accounts that do not meet our requirements, primarily accounts created with fake pieces of information would be rejected, in which case you have the opportunity to appeal.

What are the risks involved

We operate in high-risk markets, while our profits are generally higher, the risks of losses are equally higher. Do not invest with capital you can not afford to lose.

How does Dorla make profit

The Dorla organization operates primarily in the forex industry, other markets in which we operate are the stocks, cryptocurrency markets. Our goal is to diversify away from such high risk, highly liquid markets, and play in other profitable industries in the years to come.

What happens in the event of a loss

Material losses can happen from time to time among our traders. Sophisticated investors know that the real loss happens when you miss opportunities.

What kind of fund is Dorla

Our Online Fund Management at Dorla can simply be described as private investment partnerships. In other jurisdictions, it may qualify as a mutual fund, or hedge fund except if that’s the case, then we probably give you too much transparency for a mutual fund or hedge fund.

How long has Dorla been doing online fund management

Dorla has been managing private funds for decades, but for online fund management, we are in the fourth year.

Why does Dorla do online fund management

We believe our mission is to serve as many people as possible. Today, over a billion people are living in extreme poverty, but if someone is able to reach us, we deem it our sacred responsibility for us to help him/her share in our expertise by generating profits for them.

Where is Dorla Organisation Located

We are located in the Cayman Island.

Are you the best online investment site in Nigeria

We have served the Nigerian market for over 4 years now, and have delivered with tact and expertise, we have no doubt that our Nigerian partners hold us in high esteem.

How does Dorla Calculate a Quarter

A quarter is 3 months, on Dorla calender that means end of March, June, September, December.

What happens if I buy tokens in the middle of a quarter, would I still get paid that quarter?

Yes, you will, just not the full amount. For example, If you held dorla tokens 1 out of the 3 months, you would earn 1/3 of the expected quarterly earnings.

What happened, I have not received my dividends this quarter.

Due to the high number of partners, payments can sometimes delay. Other instances where you may not have received your dividends include, but not limited to Dorla making losses in the market, in which case you would receive a communication from us.

I received dividends into a wallet I no longer have access to.

Our payments are to your ethereum wallet, we have absolutely no control over that, if we have already sent the funds, there is no way we can recover it. This is why it is important to keep your ethereum wallet keys safe.