How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021

How to invest money online is a question often asked by people attempting to earn passive income or make some money from the comfort of their homes with their online investments.

If you think about it, life as we know it is moving online, today our banks are online, hotels are online, cab services are online, and so has the need to invest money, thus a greater number of people are looking for how to invest money online.

Many who followed the evolution of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made lots of money online, by simply buying into coins at an early stage and selling them when their values increased, but this is just one way in which you can invest money online and become rich.

Several opportunities exist in the online investment world, in this article we are going to teach you how to invest money online and become rich, and we would focus entirely on some of the easier but profitable ways to go about this in other to reach your goals and earn passive income.

You might have heard of the famous people who made a crazy amount of money by investing online, but how can you learn to invest money online and become like George Soros, who made a billion dollars selling the British Pound? Apart from him, there are several others who have made millions of dollars by simply learning to invest money online and earn passive income.

George Soros; How to Make Money Online
George Soros

Apart from Mr. Soros, there are others such as Bill Lipschutz and John R. Taylor Jr. who equally became billionaires from investing online and trading from the international markets.

Despite the opportunities that exist in investing money online, In 2015, 10% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty, according to figures from the world bank down from 36% in the year 1990.

The opportunities to make passive income exist, but not many are taking them, because it is often presented as cumbersome and for the technical savvy online! but it doesn’t have to be so. Anyone can invest online and earn passive income to make a decent living.

Invest Money Online

Investing your money online is not a new phenomenon. Many people all over the world are doing it and some are making huge profits from it on a daily basis, but this is not without problems.

There are a number of scams and fraudulent websites whose sole goal and purpose are to steal your hard-earned money. In this article, our goal is to show you how to invest money online and earn profits without having to fall for any of the scams that exist on the internet.

Types of Online Investments

There are basically two ways to invest your money online and earn an income. While you might not become the next George Soros, knowing how to invest money online could really change your life for the better.

  1. Active Online Investments (Trading Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, etc)
  2. Passive Online Investments (Earn passive Income)

Active Online Investments

Active online investments as the name suggest involving your active participation. Many who take this route end up with either the trading of Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency Trading, or Binary Options.

These types of online investments require you to learn how to trade profitably in any of the markets of interest to you, register with a legitimate broker, and trade.

What you earn from these types of investments can not be termed as passive income because they involved your active participation in order to make some money from it.

How to Begin Your Forex/Stocks/Crypto Trading business

Total Minutes of Reading 10 minutes

Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade to Make Money Online

There are millions of materials out there that can help you learn to trade Forex, Stocks, or Cryptocurrencies. You can start by learning from BabyPips, and understand the very basics of the business.

Get a Legitimate Broker

Brokers provide the platform on which you trade any financial instruments. To be successful in this industry, you need a good broker to trade with. There are several characteristics you need to observe about a broker before you trust it with your money but you can not try them all by yourself. Life is too short for such experiments, learn from the experience of others. Thus we have taken steps to write about the qualities you need in a good broker. The good thing about all the brokerage platforms is that they allow you to practice your strategy with fake money on demo accounts before you commit your real money. Ensure you have practiced enough and are confident about your trading strategy before you commit real money to the broker.

Trade with Caution

As a beginner, the chances are that you have not perfected your strategy. Do not worry, you can trade cautiously to reduce your losses while you gather experience. Over 90% of traders lose money for one reason or another. Thus do not be too hard on yourself when you make some losses in the beginning. If you find yourself making too many mistakes, it is time to consider seeking expert help before you lose your life savings. The thing with Forex and other financial instruments is that they are highly lucrative but extremely risky. While you can make enough to buy a private jet in a few months, it is equally possible to lose your entire life savings in a day. Relax and learn from the experts.

Passive Online Investments

Passive online investments are platforms that you deposit your funds into, sit back home, and relax while earning profits on the amount of money you have invested.

These types of online investments are for those who want to earn passive income. In essence, these platforms do the hard work of the active investments on your behalf, usually for a fee or profit-sharing agreement.

There are legitimate firms such as Dorla, that involve in this type of business. Our partners buy our Dorla Tokens, we then engage Forex, Stocks, and more to generate returns for them. Our model is the profit-sharing agreement model, thus you can consider us a private investment partnership.

Unfortunately, for every one legitimate online investment website you would find that can help you earn passive income, there are ten (10) others offering even more exciting offers to entice you into committing money into their hands which are obviously fraudulent.

The opportunity to earn passive income exist for you if you find yourself lacking the time, or requisite skills to trade for yourself. It could be an alternative investment vehicle that you generate revenue and dividends from. It could prove really useful when you are dealing with legitimate organizations.

How to determine a legitimate Online Active Investment Platform

Regardless of the market in which you wish to actively invest online, it is important that you do so with a legitimate business in order not to loose your funds.

Most of the ways through which you can actively invest online involve some form of trading either in the Forex, stocks, or cryptocurrency market, but before you trade in any of these markets you would need a broker.

The broker provides the platform for you to buy or sell the underlying assets you are interested in. With regards to Forex, JustForex is one legitimate broker we have been trading with for years, we recommend them to you as a reliable broker.

A good broker has the following characteristics;

  1. Licensed by an established and legal authority.
  2. Good trading conditions.
  3. Good deposits and withdrawal systems.
  4. Great platform performance during high market volatility.

These would become obvious to you as you begin your journey, you would soon realize how frustrating and fraudulent some brokers are in dealing with your funds.

How to determine a legitimate Online Passive Investment Platform.

There are several online investment platforms on the internet that you could earn passive income with. Some of whom are genuine others are fake. In our experience, you can avoid some of these fake online investment platforms by observing any of the following.

  1. Transparency; An investment platform that takes people’s funds to trade on their behalf should provide some form of transparency as to the exact methods of trading and equally how much the funds performed.
    It is not enough to just post that on a certain day the funds made 2% or 5%, you must ensure these results are verifiable by independent third parties. That’s why at Dorla, we provide our partner’s annual audited reports at our annual partner’s meetings. This ensures credibility, builds trust, and has pivoted us to the number one (1) online fund management organization in the world.
  2. Rates; Rates can never be fixed. In the real world, investment value fluctuates, thus any platform that assures you of a fixed rate is going to run down in the long term.
    Secondly, no platform or business in this world can provide you consistent daily returns of even 1% each day without running into a serious crisis. Do not be convinced with the use of words about how efficient and profitable the forex market or whatever market they are trading in is. As much as they can make that money on any given day, they sure as hell can lose your entire portfolio.
    Thus at Dorla, we provide fluctuating returns, depending on real market performance. Thus when we underperform, our clients know we have. This ensures trust over a long period of time and sustains the platform.
  3. Leaders of the Platform; Most often, these online investment platforms post images or names of people who do not even know such a platform exists and make it seem like they are the operators or executives of the platforms. This is a huge red flag, if the owners or operators of the platform are not known, what is their motivation for not shutting down the website and running away with your funds.

In Conclusion, be suspicious of extremely high returns and flee from any platform that makes such claims.

Some Methods to Invest Online and Earn Passive Income

While learning how to invest money online, it is important you consider the following methods to earn passive income.

Dividend Stocks

There are basically two types of stocks that an online investor can look for.

  • Dividend stocks
  • Growth stocks

Dividend stocks as its name suggest make payments to their stockholders from the profits the business makes. Growth stocks on the other hand reinvest all the profits they make back in the business.

Each of these stock options has its own advantages and disadvantages which we would not delve into in this article.

Growth stocks, since the company is reinvesting everything it makes, what happens is that essentially the stock price rises faster and the investor can sell back to the market and make profits from it. Thus with growth stocks, you do not make any money unless you sell some or all of your stocks.

Dividend stocks on the other hand provide another option, while reinvesting some of their profits, dividend stock companies also pay some of these profits to their investors. Thus the stock value might rise giving more profits but in the meantime, investors can benefit from the dividends paid them.

Dividend Coins

Dividend coins are cryptocurrency’s created by organizations that pay you dividends by virtue of holding their coins or tokens. These coins serve as a means for you to earn passive income wherever you are in the world. This article could help you gain further insights.

Online Investment Platforms

Legitimate online investment platforms such as dorla which provides you with an opportunity to earn passive income from the comfort of your home provide a number of opportunities for the average online investor.

You simply commit your funds to us, we do all the active investments and pay you dividends.

Problems with investing money online

  1. Fraudulent Online Investment Platforms; A few good platforms exist such as;
    A. Wealthify
    B. The Dorla Organisation
    which provides legitimate online investment opportunities to enable anyone in the world to enjoy profits from their activities.

    Then there are the other websites whose entire goal is to provide you with exciting offers just to get your money. A quick google search on “How to make money online” or “How to invest online” will return results with many advertisements, at least one of these would provide you online investments with rates as high as 1% a day to entice you to join them.
How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
Google Search for; How to Invest Money Online

You notice that most of the results on the first page for this search are adverts, with very few genuine articles showing up. The image above shows you the results at the bottom of the first page of my search query. There are ads for;

  1. Oxis Group; Which says “Earn $18,900 per month|Earn from Home with no problem
  2. Dilfunds; it says “Very Easy to Make Money|Best Invest from Philipines

A visit to their website to see their offers;

Oxis Group

Minimum Deposit,$Maximum Deposit,$Investor’s share,%Investment Period,business daysPrincipal Withdrawal:Compounding
Offer 1
Minimum Deposit,$Maximum Deposit,$Investor’s share,%Investment Period,business daysPrincipal Withdrawal:Compounding
Offer 2
Minimum Deposit,$Maximum Deposit,$Investor’s share,%Investment Period,business daysPrincipal Withdrawal:Compounding
Offer 3

Oxis group is telling the investor, he can earn at least 30% profits in 25 days of investing with them and this is actually their least offer. Think about it for a moment, which business or activity is Oxis Group involved in that would make them earn as much as 1% a day for you?

Remember, for Oxis group to give you 1% a day, they must make more than 1% to cover their own cost of running their business as well as their profits.


How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
DilFunds Offers

DillFunds, has up to 9 offers, and their least offer gives you profits as much as 6% every day for 30 days. That is 180% profits in a single month and yet another fund, provides up to 9% profits a day, this is definitely a scam

It doesn’t end there, there are many websites advertising on Google, Facebook, etc. showing ads to you with offers that are ridiculous. The average person gets hooked on this and loses out their life savings on these websites.

2. Human Greed; Do not get hooked up on greed! If an offer is too good to be true, it usually isn’t true. Runaway from websites that promises quick returns and yet disappear with your money such as dilfunds, oxisgroup. These are complete scams and you should not give them your money.

Other Fast-rising Online Investment Scams

How to Identify Online Investment Scams

  1. You can use a little known website called scamadviser to verify. Although scamadviser wouldn’t be 100% accurate, it is better to be safe than sorry. A trust rating of mediocre should be avoided at all cost regardless of how juicy their offer.
How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
Dorla on Scam Adviser
How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
Wealthify on Scamadviser

From the search results, you see that Wealthify had high Trust rating than Dorla, Our ratings are primarily lower than wealthify because we use cryptocurrencies. Let’s compare these results to dilfunds and oxisgroup

How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
Dilfunds has a trust rating of 50% which is deemed as mediocre
How to Invest Money Online and Become Rich in 2021
Oxis Group has 53% which is mediocre

2. The rate they provide; 1% or more returns a day? Runaway from it! In fact, any website that pays daily profits would crash in a matter of months, do not give them your hard earned money.

3. Poor Language Choices; If you happen to visit any of these websites, consider using their live chat option. Most of these scams have a very poor understanding of the English language.

4. Other activities on the website; Do they have a blog? what else do they say on their blog? or is the website primarily just to attract unsuspecting investors? If all the website talks about is invest and earn this percentage, it is most likely a scam.


  1. It is important you learn how to invest money online, investing money online could make you millions of dollars if done right. Done wrong? You can lose your money to the market or even worse, to scams!
  2. While trading or investing, think long term. In the long term, you make more money than short term small gains, think more about long consistent gains when planning to earn passive income or investing online.
  3. Remember to have cash on hand, when everything is going too well, people get greedy and buy more and more but most money is made in crisis, recessions, etc. when people are scared and are selling, that is a good time to buy. This point is important for those who want to actively trade the market themselves as well as those who want to earn passive income.
  4. Do not get emotional. When you get emotional, you make bad decisions, be neutral to the market, and trust the process. learning how to invest money online can be a daunting process, but the benefits of investing online, far outweigh the negatives.
  5. Buy stocks in companies you understand and can’t live without. This is crucial for everyone, both active and passive investors.

How to invest money online is a crucial skill that can change anyone’s life forever. Let us know in the comments, which of the methods you intend to use, or are using. Cheers!

If you are looking for a legitimate online investment to put in your money for consistent profits, register with one of the three options below.



Mathew Wright Lead Forex Market Researcher

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