How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask

How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask
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How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask is a well-designed guide to assist you to create your own ethereum wallet address and keep your private keys.

keeping your private keys offers you advantages such as having control over your own keys, thus no central party can control your funds unless you give them your private keys, this offers you more security, more control over your money, thus serving the very purpose for which cryptocurrencies were created, to begin with. ie. being your own bank and not giving control of your money to a third party (coin base, binance etc.) or government.

In this guide, you would find a step by step approach to help you create your own meta mask ethereum wallet address.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever created and since it’s creation, there have been several coins created to serve different purposes.

Indeed, bitcoin itself is a by-product of a much bigger system called the blockchain, upon which lies the fundamentals that keep the coins operational.

The current financial system is based on trust, yes you must trust your bank (an intermediary) to ensure your transactions go through, your savings are secured, etc.

History has shown time without number that these “trusted” third parties (bankers, etc.) are often not true to their words, using scrupulous means to generate profits for their owners at the detriment of their customers. In short, the “trusted third party” can not be trusted.

Bitcoin was created with a trustless system. You do not need a third party to move your funds. The fundamentals behind it (the blockchain) ensures a trustless transaction, where no middle man can block your transaction or have control over your funds unless you let them. Effectively shifting power from the “powerful middle man” back to the “common man”

The creation of bitcoin, however, didn’t end there. Innovations in the spaces of contracts, decentralized file storage networks, and even decentralized gambling platforms started coming online, but the biggest among which so far is the Ethereum network.


Ethereum provides you the opportunity to create what is called “smart contracts”, on a decentralized, trustless system. No single government can stop the network because it is, as you guessed; decentralized! and contracts can not be broken because it is trustless. You do not need a middle man to ensure these contracts are executed.

This led to the creation of many awesome projects such as the Dorla Token on a decentralized, trustless system such as Ethereum. With the middle man out of the way and a decentralized platform comes more responsibilities. These tokens, contracts, etc. although stored on the decentralized network, need their holders to keep a copy of it in their own accounts, to enable them keep track of it and earn the value of the contracts when executed. Tokens, contracts, etc. needed to be held somehow and this is where Metamask comes to play.


Steps |How to get an ethereum wallet address for free

There are several wallets out there for Ethereum but not many of these provide the user with the opportunity to store contracts or ERC 20 tokens in them. Hence, sending tokens to Ethereum wallets that do not support the storage of tokens would lead to the loss of tokens.

How to Install Metamask on your device/browser

Total Time: 5 minutes

Visit the metamask website

Metamask Homepage

You can do that by visiting the metamask homepage
Click on Download Now buttom to move to the next step.

Metamask download options

Metamask download options

Metamask can be downloaded for iOs, android and windows based browsers. The most popular browsers, google chrome, Firefox, brave browser could all use metamask. By default, metamask detects the browser you are visiting the website with and selects the appropriate file to download.
Click on Install Metamask to proceed.

Continue from your browser addon window

How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask

Click on + Add to Firefox (Depending on your browser, the name may differ, chrome users may see + Add to Chrome etc. This may take a while to download the addon extension to your device depending on your network speed.

Add Metamask

add metamask

Add Metamask pop up would show at the top of your browser.
Click on Add to proceed.

Metamask is Installed

How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask

Metamask is now successfully installed in your browser. Congratulations!, you can now start using it, and enjoy the features of the decentralised world.

Getting Started

Get started with metamask

Click on Get started and get these two options above.
You can either import an old wallet using the seed phrase you had or create an entirely new wallet.
Click on Create a wallet to create an entirely new wallet to store your tokens.

Metamask Improvement Agreement

How to get an ethereum wallet address for free with metamask

This page is basically metamask asking to collect some data anonymously to improve the metamask user experience. You can either agree to be a part of this or not, either way you could still continue. It is entirely up to you. Clicking on No Thanks, or I agree would all take you to the same page.

Create a Secure Password

create a metamask password

Set a good, secure password to prevent unauthorised access to your metamask by people who have access to your computer.
Enter your password, Select I agree on the Terms of Use and Click on the create button to continue.

Reveal and Secure your metamask seed phrase

metamask seed phrase

Passwords are different from your seed phrase on metamask. Here is the key difference. Passwords are used by you to access your metamask account on your computer on which you installed it, but in the unfortunate event that you lost your computer, forgot your password, you formatted your computer, or even use another browser on the same computer, the seed phrase is what you use to import your wallet unto that new computer.

Click on reveal your seed phrase, secure it, and click on next

Confirm your metamask seed phrase

confirm your metamask seed phrase

Select the seed phrase in the direct order in which it was revealed to you on the previous page by clicking on them, after that click confirm.


Metamask wallet congratulatory page

If you entered the seed phrase correctly, you should see the congratulatory page confirming it. Do not forget your seed phrase, as it is the key to recover your account in the event you lost your computer or password.
Click on All Done

Your Metamask wallet

metamask wallet

Congratulations, you have successfully created an ethereum wallet address using metamask. Your current balance would be 0ETH as no one has sent you any ETH. Your wallet address is below the Details. Click on it to copy it each time you need to receive funds.

Opening Metamask In Your Browser

metamask Icon

At the top right of your browser, you would see your addons, click on the metamask addon to launch it, enter your password to access your account.

You have successfully created an Ethereum address using Metamask, you can now buy Ethereum and store in it or buy Dorla Tokens and receive quarterly payments in Ethereum from us.


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