Online Investment’s continue to make wave’s across the world, and we have been a major player in this industry. Today I have the pleasure to bring you a brief understanding about us, and what exactly we do at the Dorla Organisation.
The opportunities created by the internet and the development of the blockchain and the creation of bitcoin, has led to thorough changes in the financial industry. Limitations that existed in the past are now opportunities for investors.
Dorla has a reputation of providing the best online investment services in the world. Our website is home to thousands of investors across the world who patronise our services and enjoy the benefit of the returns we make for them.
Over the last 5 years, our Online Investment Platform has provided some of the most stable, yet consistent and genuine investment profits to our investors and would continue to do so for years to come.

At Dorla we are constantly innovating, improving our technology and challenging the status quo to deliver the best online investment experience for our partners.

We commit people, capital and ideas to work, generating returns and ensuring continuous profitable for the long term to help our partners and communities grow.

Dorla offers a range of online investment solutions for individuals, institutions and professionals from all walks of life. Our online investment system has helped people take control of their financial destiny for the last 5 years, while focused on long term growth, meeting short term objectives has always been the focus of our enormous and humongous forces that we bring to play.

In respect to these long term goals, we have integrated measures in place to ensure the continuous growth of our organization, some of which includes diversification into other less risky yet important sectors of the economy.

Together, our partners and us, would provide a true genuine online investment experience.

At Dorla, we do not provide fixed rates for our investors, in exchange for this, we provide thorough transparency on our results, and continue to provide great returns for our investors.

Over the last 5 years, we have averaged more than 50% returns each year and have paid our investors same. The experience we bring to bare, is highly beneficial and appreciated by out thousands of investors across the globe.

It is important for us to be very transparent with our investors, because transparency ensures trust, growth and continuous profitability for our investors.

This is why we continue to grow despite spending zero on advertisement, we believe the best advertisement is recommendation from our already existing client base. Nothing beats this!

We are truly proud of the online investment services we provide, we truly stand by our product, our team and the people who have given us their trust and continue to do so in so many ways.

Online Investment

From the comfort of your home, you can make your money work for you, you can invest online with us and enjoy good rate of returns, by joining us and investing in our tokens. Dorla is truly the best online investment organisation in the world, and our goal to serve you would continue unabated.

Dorla has been reviewed by independent organisations and proven to be genuine, aside this, our clients are genuinely satisfied with our services, thus you would never find any dissatisfcation among our investors. We are truly a customer focused organisation, with key focus on ensuring sustainable growth and wealth creation through the provision of the best online investment services ever known to man.

Online Investment Payment Schedules

Dividends to our online investors are paid to holders of Dorla tokens every 3 months, depending on our performance in the market.
Payments are made to holders of the tokens, who have held it for at least 3 months.