Legitimate Online Investment Platform

The Dorla Organisation is a legitimate online investment platform trusted by millions of clients across the globe, our online investments are designed specifically for people who want to invest money online and earn profits. We leverage the use of available technology to deliver a perfect solution that suits your online investment needs without fail. Our investment plans, and the rates we provide are the best in the industry.

You do not need a bank account to invest with us, we use cryptocurrency’s such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin in our online investment platform, this helps to reduce the cost of transactions for you. You do not need to sign any complicated paper work to invest with us, you can invest with us from the comfort of your home.

Our aim is to deliver great returns for all our investors from all walks of life who use our online investment services, while reducing risk through the use of sophisticated trading systems that have been mastered over a decade by our competent team of traders.

Dorla’s legitimate online investment management platform provides you an opportunity to earn money online by investing regardless of age, location. You can sleep knowing that the best team of traders are managing your funds and generating profits for you.


Introducing the Dorla Token to our Online Investors

The Dorla Token, is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum block chain.Our investors buy these tokens from us when they invest online with us. Our White Paper, explains in further details.

By holding our the Dorla Tokens, you earn Ethereum in your wallet as dividends from the profits we have made from our trading activities. The price of the tokens itself, might rise due to supply and demand, thus giving you double earnings opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure you have a great experience investing with us, and enjoy the benefits of our decades of experience in the industry. We know you deserve nothing but the best online investment, we are here to provide just that and nothing more.

Our students gain access to decades of experience from our traders, through institutional grade Forex Mentorships, and Forex signals to prepare them for the world of finance. Each year, we maintain the best students to help manage funds from our investors across the globe, thus maintaining a high quality Forex trader education/ training and Mentorship is our number one priority.

Dorla Partners contribute to us by buying and holding the Dorla Tokens.

By holding our tokens, our partners give us the opportunity to trade Forex with their money, and the returns are shared to them in the form of dividends.

Our partners, also have an opportunity to attend our annual partners meeting, held each year to gain insight into our activities, where and what the funds are being used for and profits and (or) losses we might have made for the year in question.

Dorla partners across the world know that our model comes with a bit of risk, in fact, there is no investment without risk, thus the major risk is not investing at all.

Over the decades, we have made impeccable returns for our partners and we are very proud of this achievements.

Having managed funds online for thousands of investors over the course of so many years, we have become the number 1 legitimate online investment platform for many investors across the globe. The profits paid to our partners/investors are real and audited. Our goal is to continue making profits for our investors who invest with us, while continually expanding our reach to more people who need our services.

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