Our Success is a result of our unique way of doing things.
Dorla is built on meritocracy through which genuine intellects, skills and efforts are rewarded.


Markets move based on causes and effects. This has formed the basis of our trades at the Dorla organisation for years with good results.


The job of the trader is to find opportunities and act on them to create wealth, regardless of race and gender. Merit is always to the winner not race or gender!


Dorla is focused on understanding the financial markets, the world in general and taking positions that further improve the odds of success.


Our principle of meritocracy plays key role in leadership.
Clear guidelines, and performance metrics ensure that we are able to get the best in all our current leaders and to choose the next.

What we do?

The Dorla Organisation is focused on understanding human actions, it’s consequences, and it’s implications in the financial markets. By having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy, industry’s and financial market to build profitable yet resilient portfolio’s for years to come. We have done this for over a decade, by operating a culture of absolute transparency, and reward systems based on merits.

Today we manage funds in excess of $100 million for 11 institutions, 34 groups, and thousands of private individuals. Dorla is focused on long term growth, while equally mindful of short term commitments to our partners. We are expanding our trading desk, venturing into other profitable industry’s and delivering on our promise of value to every partner.

We are overhauling the entire Dorla system, and incorporating systems onto the platform that would ensure long term growth and profitability.

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